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Podcast Note plugin for Obsidian


Podcast Note

My plugin Podcast Note for the note taking app Obsidian is a great way to write notes on podcasts. With a single URL you will get the title, image and description of your podcast. Using a custom template you can style the note to your likings. More settings and features will be explained further down.

You can find it in the official community plugins list right in Obsidian or on GitHub.

How to use it

You can add new podcast notes by opening the command pallete (cmd + p) and searching for "Podcast Note" commands:

Add Podcast Note

A prompt will open where you can enter the URL for the podcast you want to take notes on. Of course you can also specify a keyboard shortcut to trigger the prompt.

Add Podcast Notes from selection

This command will only be visible in editor mode. Make sure you have text selected which contains markdown links to podcast episodes. Running the command will create new podcast notes for every url in the selected text. It will also automatically link these notes.

Supported Podcast services

So far these podcast services are supported:


Example Podcast Note:

Podcast Note example


1. Template

Here you can specify how the metadata for your podcast notes looks like. Use these three placeholders:

Example template:

tags: [Podcast]
date: {{Date}}
# {{Title}} 
## Description: 
> {{Description}}
-> [Podcast Link]({{PodcastURL}})

## Notes:

2. Filename template

Specify whether the podcast note will be inserted at your cursor or whether a new note will be added. You can also use a template for the filename. Placeholders:

3. Folder

Set the folder where new Podcast notes will be saved. The path is relative to your vault. For example folder/podcast_folder will become path/to/vault/folder/podcastfolder.

4. Insert podcast note at cursor

Specify whether you want to create a new note or whether you want the metadata to be inserted at your cursor.