Marc's Notes

How to create simple iOS widgets using Scriptable and JavaScript.


An introduction on how to create a simple widget for iOS

You will learn how to create simple web requests, build a good-looking widget and share it with others.

Usually, an iOS widget loads some sort of data from an API, a file or the web and displays it on your home-screen. Within the Scriptable community, people agreed on a basic structure for the code.

It consists of these two methods:

In the following three steps I will show you how to implement them.

1. Getting data.

A simple web request can be used to load the data. In this case, a JSON file. Notice that the getData(url) method needs the async keyword in front of it because it uses await in its body.

const url = "";

async function getData(url){
    let request = new Request(url);
    data = await request.loadJSON();
    return data;

function processData(data){
    // Process your data here
    // ...
    return processedData;

2. Processing data.

The processData() function can be used to further process the data to your needs.

3. Build the widget.

Now it’s time to build the actual widget. Right now Scriptable has so called ListWidgets. After you created a ListWidget() object, you can add text and other media to it. In this example the widget will display the text stored in data.sample.

function createWidget(data){
    var widget = new ListWidget();

    var text = widget.addText(data.sample);
    text.textColor = Color.dynamic(, Color.white);
    text.font = Font.regularRoundedSystemFont(13);

    widget.backgroundColor = Color.dynamic(Color.white,;

    return widget;

In the last step, all functions will be called like this:

let data = await getData(url);
let processedData = processData(data);

let widget = await createWidget(processedData);


4. Share

Finally, you probably want to share your widget with others. To easily achieve this, I would recommend uploading it to GitHub. Add a good README file that explains what your widget is doing and how to install it.

5. Questions?

If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact me:

You can also check out the Scriptable documentation which is excellent. There is also a nice Scriptable discord server which you can visit to share your creations or get help.